Hoist Hire

Hoist and Standing Aid Hire

Unfortunately due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation we are unable to provide our products on rental. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

AAL offer a range of mobile hoists and stand aids available for rental. This is an ideal solution for short term rehabilitation. Hoist rental also allows access to the equipment for individuals whom may not have the available budget to purchase a hoist outright.

Terms and Conditions

The minimum hire for the equipment listed below is 4 weeks. 4 weeks must be paid in advance before the product is shipped. After that you will be charged every 4 weeks. If you wish to cancel the rental you must give us 1 week notice of cancellation.

Please see below the options for renting our equipment. If you are struggling to find what you're looking for please call our rental team on 01772 814555


Weekly Cost

Delivery Charge

Midi 180 EM - Mobile Hoist

Oxford Midi 180 EM



Molift Mover 180 - Mobile Hoist

Molift Mover 180



Molift Raiser Pro - Stand Aid

Molift Raiser Pro