Bariatric Hoists - Which Should I Choose?

14/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

What are bariatric hoists?


Bariatric lifting hoists are specially designed to lift users or patients of a heavy weight but they are not only suited to bariatric patients, they are suitable for people of any size or weight. They are reinforced to lift this extra weight, but they are also designed to be more spacious and come with a number of extra features making the lifting experience easier for both the user and the operator. Features of bariatric hoists.


Models vary of course but there are many common features that appear in most bariatric hoists including wheel positioning, a high strength-to-weight ratio, electronic leg re-positioning, 4-point lifting harnesses, wider dimensions, low chassis and higher lifting heights for full lifting capabilities from the floor to any seating or lying position in beds and chairs.


Oxford has a wide range available which one should I choose?


Oxford Presence hoist

The Oxford Presence lifting aid can comfortably lift up to 227kg, or 35 stone. Despite such a high lifting capacity, the hoist has a slender frame to allow easy manoeuvrability and storage. This is especially ideal when you may have to utilise the lift in confined spaces within care homes, hospitals or houses. A key feature of the Oxford Presence is its high lifting range of 440mm, making it ideal for a wide number of uses when incorporated with the range of Oxford slings.


Oxford Stature hoist


The Oxford Stature bariatric lifting aid is similar to the Molift Partner 255 due to its vertical lifting pattern. Like the Partner, it provides a more reliable judgement of space when lifting particularly large users. When this is combined with the impressive 227kg lifting capacity and extra-large lifting height, it ensures that the Stature can cope with a wide range of situations and weight ranges with ease.


Oxford Calibre hoist


For exceptional circumstances, the Oxford Calibre bariatric hoist lifts a very high 385kg with ease and comfort. At around 60 stone, this is one of the highest safe lifting loads available in the world today. Whilst the hoist can be used to lift a user of any weight or size, it's especially designed for the most extreme cases where user and operator safety is paramount. It's ergonomically designed for both the user and operator, and comes with an integrated digital scale for easy and accurate weight measurements.


Oxford Major 200 hoist


The Oxford Major 200 hoist provides an extremely cost-effective solution for most bariatric users. Whilst the 200kg safe working load isn't the highest in its class, it's an ideal hoist where users are likely to be within this weight range and therefore don't require far more expensive hoists with heavier lifting capacities. The slender yet stable frame and smooth electronic lifting operation provides an effective bariatric hoist which is in the same price range as many non-bariatric versions.