Gainsborough Lincoln Assisted Bath

Gainsborough Lincoln Assisted Bath
  • Versatile 3-in-1 operation (hi-lo bath/changing table/bathing and shower platform)
  • Fully adjustable hi-lo bath ensures a safe, comfortable working height for carer
  • Featuring integrated BioCote anti-microbial technology as standard
  • Lightweight, ergonomic handset control
  • Hinged platform to aid cleaning process
  • 165 kg safe working load
  • Thermostatic fill, Shower system and hoist access panels as standard
  • Left- or right-hand configurations adapt to any room configuration

Length: 1800 mm

Width: 750 mm

Height (fully lowered): 700 mm

Height (Fully Elevated): 1077 mm

Height (Fully Elevated with shower head): 1585 mm

Gainsborough Lincoln Assisted Bath

This exceptional 3-in-1 assisted bath is perfect in care home and domestic environments. The 3-in-1 operation includes a fully adjustable hi-lo bath system, a changing table and a bathing/showering platform. Safe and easy to use, the hi-lo function allows the carer full access to the bather whilst at a comfortable working height, this further reduces the risk of back strain. Perfect for either paediatrics or adults bathers, the integrated bathing platform and changing table come with a removable back-rest and an adjustable foot rest which ensures a comfortable bathing position for both the bather and carer.

Assisted Bath Installation: 

If you would like the Gainsborough Lincoln Assisted Bath to be installed (additional cost), please call the office on 01772 814 555, we would be happy to help! Please note, the additional cost of installation is subject to the bath hoists location and floor type. 

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