Oxford Ranger

Oxford Ranger

Oxford Ranger

The Oxford Ranger seat is specifically manufactured to aid disabled people to access bath, shower, pools and can be used for toileting. The Oxford Ranger Shower seat is an accessory to the Oxford Mermaid bath lift and The Oxford Dipper pool hoist.  There are additional options available such as the Bed Pan cradle and a fabric footrest. 

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About the Oxford Dipper

The Oxford Dipper Pool Hoist is the most predominant hoist within the UK’s NHS hospitals, Care Centres, Private Residential Homes, Yachting & Sailing Clubs, Quaysides, Therapy &Swimming Pools and Health Centres which has a maximum SWL (Safe Working Load) of 22 Stone (140Kg). The Dipper uses a hydraulic pump to raise and lower service users and gives the support workers and service users peace of mind as it’s not reliant on electricity.  To operate the hoist, simply pump the hydraulic pump using the handle to raise the user and to release, unscrew the black pump valve to slowly lower the service user. 

There are two variations of the Oxford Dipper Pool Hoist, the standard Oxford Dipper with Spreader Bar and the Oxford Dipper with Ranger seat. Both variations are available with an array of sockets to meet each individual customers specification.

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