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Easy Track FS

The Oxford Easy Track System, specifically designed for use with the Oxford Voyager, boasts a distinctive feature of not necessitating permanent structural attachments. This adaptable track system can be applied to virtually any room, including bathrooms, living areas, and bedrooms. Notably, the track can be swiftly assembled and disassembled for the purposes of transportation or storage, adding to its flexibility.

We offer a wide range of track variations, each tailored to suit different room types. To ensure you select the right track system for your needs, do not hesitate to reach out for additional information at 01772 814555.

Brand: Oxford Model: VOY-9303010
The Easytrack 3 WITH THREE WALL BRACKETS is a lightweight, portable, overhead track system that is incredibly easy to assemble. This Easytrack 3 with Three Wall Brackets gives the user the option of attaching each end of the track system to a wall if floor to ceiling posts are not suitable. The Easytrack 3 is suited for transfer over a bed or bath and down a room negating the need for a traditional curved track and can be used permanently, semi-permanently or even temporarily. The unique design of the telescopic rail ensures that nearly any user can be transferred without strain or risk..
£2,803.68 Inc.Vat
£2,336.40 Ex VAT
Brand: Oxford Model: VOY-002.17010
Oxford Easytrack FS Carry bag is designed to store the Easytrack 2 Post rail and the 2 posts...
£341.38 Inc.Vat
£284.49 Ex VAT
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