Dipper Ranger Seat

Dipper Ranger Seat

Spare Parts for the Oxford Dipper Ranger Seat. Please use the provided Downloadable Parts Manual if you require a Spare Part that is not listed. If you want to see a bigger diagram, Click on the image.  If you need assistance, please call 01772 814555, our team is here to help.

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Oxford Ranger

The Oxford Ranger seat is specifically manufactured to aid disabled people to access bath, shower, p..

£1,040.00 (ex vat)

£1,248.00 (inc vat)

14 - Dipper Ranger Seat Complete

Oxford Dipper Ranger seat complete (seat, backrest, ranger chair frame and fixings)...

£761.00 (ex vat)

£913.20 (inc vat)

01 - Ranger chair frame only

Oxford Mermaid Ranger chair frame only..

£422.61 (ex vat)

£507.13 (inc vat)

02 - Armrests complete

Oxford Mermaid Armrests complete..

£203.43 (ex vat)

£244.12 (inc vat)

03 - Dipper Ranger Seat Hand Grips (Pair)

Oxford Mermaid White hand grips..

£19.99 (ex vat)

£23.99 (inc vat)

04 - Dipper Commode/Ranger Seat

Oxford Dipper Commode/Ranger Seat...

£140.89 (ex vat)

£169.07 (inc vat)

05 - Securing hook complete

Oxford Mermaid Securing hook complete..

£20.34 (ex vat)

£24.41 (inc vat)

06 - Ranger seat fixings & trims

Oxford Mermaid Ranger seat fixings & trims..

£14.73 (ex vat)

£17.68 (inc vat)

07 - Transporter frame only

Oxford Mermaid Transporter frame only..

£451.28 (ex vat)

£541.54 (inc vat)

08 - Transporter safety latch

Oxford Mermaid Transporter safety latch..

£77.36 (ex vat)

£92.83 (inc vat)

09 - Front Castor 100mm Non braked (Tente)

Oxford Ranger Castor 100mm plain (Tente)..

£43.83 (ex vat)

£52.60 (inc vat)

10 - Castor 100mm braked (Tente)

Oxford Ranger Castor 100mm braked (Tente)..

£51.65 (ex vat)

£61.98 (inc vat)

11 - Foot rest bush

Oxford Ranger Foot rest bush..

£5.00 (ex vat)

£6.00 (inc vat)

12 - Leg support Fabric

Oxford Ranger Leg support fabric..

£82.00 (ex vat)

£98.40 (inc vat)

13 - Bed pan cradle

Oxford Ranger Bed pan cradle..

£75.00 (ex vat)

£90.00 (inc vat)