General Parts & Accessories

General Parts & Accessories

Oxford Voyager Portable General parts and Accessories. Click on the diagram for an enlarged view.Please use the provided Downloadable Parts Manual if you require a Spare Part that is not listed. If you need assistance, please call 01772 814 555, our team is here to help. Please use the diagram as a pointer to which accessory you require.

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3 - Portable Lift Black Strap

Oxford Voyager Portable Lift Black Strap (Black Strap 1" X 2.2M)...

£47.31 (ex vat)

£56.77 (inc vat)

5 - Replacement Battery For Voyager

Oxford Voyager Portable Replacement Battery For Voyager ...

£118.54 (ex vat)

£142.25 (inc vat)

6 - Kluber Grease La-02 0.4 Kg

Oxford Voyager Portable Kluber Grease La-02 0.4 Kg...

£244.89 (ex vat)

£293.87 (inc vat)

7 - Grease Lubriplate Fgl-1 Food Grade

Oxford Voyager Portable Grease Lubriplate Fgl-1 Food Grade ...

£57.51 (ex vat)

£69.01 (inc vat)

9 - Pin Extracting Tool

Oxford Voyager Portable Pin Extracting Tool ...

£91.80 (ex vat)

£110.16 (inc vat)