Spare Parts for the Oxford Ascend Stand Aid. Please use the provided Downloadable Parts Manual if you require a Spare Part that is not listed. If you need assistance, please call 01772 814555, our team us here to help.


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Ascend Front Castor Pair

Pair of Front Castors for the Oxford Ascend Stand Aid. This castor is non-braked.Includes: Load bear..

£49.76 (ex vat)

£59.71 (inc vat)

Ascend Rear Castor Pair (Braked)

This Oxford rear braked castor pair is suitable for the Oxford Ascend Hoist.Castor Diameter: 10..

£54.24 (ex vat)

£65.09 (inc vat)

Oxford Ascend battery

This battery is for the Oxford Ascend Standaid.  The battery can be detached from the hoist and..

£98.00 (ex vat)

£117.60 (inc vat)

Oxford Battery Charger

This Oxford Battery charger is suitable for a large range of Oxford Hoists and Standaids. The c..

£125.00 (ex vat)

£150.00 (inc vat)

Ascend Smart Monitor Control Box (2 Channel)

Oxford Ascend Smart Monitor Control Box (2 Channel)...

£263.48 (ex vat)

£316.18 (inc vat)

Ascend Handset (4 way) (Standard)

This Handset is for the Oxford Ascend. The 4-way handset provides controls for the Up/Down and Power..

£78.27 (ex vat)

£93.92 (inc vat)

Ascend Linak Actuator

Oxford Ascend Linak actuator (inc. location pins, sleeves, washers, nuts, labels) 2006/2007 MODEL*...

£381.79 (ex vat)

£458.15 (inc vat)

Ascend Sling Retainers

Oxford Ascend Sling retainers (not shown)..

£25.00 (ex vat)

£30.00 (inc vat)

Oxford Ascend Handset Clip

This Handset Clip is for the Oxford Ascend...

£6.00 (ex vat)

£7.20 (inc vat)