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Dipper Pool Sockets

We are an authorised dealer for Oxford hoists, we have a complete range of pool sockets needed to install your Oxford Dipper pool Hoist.

Brand: Oxford Model: OP10016
'B' Socket Fixing: This socket is primarily used in swimming pools with a water channel around the edge of the pool.  Basically the 'B' socket is an 'A' socket with a plate which adds additional bracing.  The 'B' socket plate is fixed in place with six 15mm diameter expanding bolts of the rawplug type.  The 'B' socket construction is illustrated below. As with the 'A' socket the 'B' socket is slightly below floor level and is fitted with a blanking plug. Minimum 500 mm concrete is required...
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Brand: Oxford Model: OP10015
'A' Socket Fixing: This is the most commonly supplied socket and is fitted into a hole 90mm in diameter, core bored into the concrete to a depth of 245mm (minimum 500 mm depth of concrete is still required).  The socket is held firmly in place with a non-shrinking cement.  The construction of the 'A' socket is supplied in image below. Whrn correctly fitted the top of the socket is 12mm below the floor level.  Each socket is supplied with a blanking plug to prevent ingress of watere when the mast is removed for storage.  When fitted the top of the blanking plug is flush with..
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Brand: Oxford Model: OP10017
'C' Socket Fixing: This socket is surface mounted and stands proud of the floor by 150mm.  It is used mainly where there is insufficient depth of concrete for 'A' or 'B' sockets.  The 'C' socket plate is drilled for four 15mm Rawplug type expanding bolts.  The recommended minimum depth of concrete for the 'C' socket is 500mm.  The 'C' socket adds 150mm to the height of the mast.  This alters the maximum height of the bottom of the chair to 1039mm and the lowest position of the chair bottom below floor level to 764mm.  An illustration can be found below. ..
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