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25 Mar Finding the ideal Stand Aid
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Finding the ideal Stand Aid.Stand aids come in all different forms. AAL have a wide range that will suit an individual’s needs. We have both electric and manual stand aids available. The manual stand aids will require the service user to be able to pull themselves up into a standing position. The stand aid needs no electrical or mechanical as..
11 Mar Hospital Bed For Home
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Hospital Bed for HomeIf a friend or family member us due to be discharged from hospital, you may be instructed by the care team to have a hospital bed in place before they can be discharged. Moreover the ideal hospital bed will facilitate single handed care to reduce over heads such as carers. Not only is this a stressful time it can become ver..
12 Feb Portable Shower Chairs for Disabled
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Many people with disabilities enjoy traveling, the biggest challenge for many is access to the toilet.  There are a few Portable Shower Chairs available for disabled people but very few are of any real use.Stephen Pritchard, owner of AAL LTD who’s a paraplegic and has long searched for a product that can meet his individual needs.   Stephen say..
22 Jan Patient Shower Chair
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Patient Shower Chair's come in a variety of styles.  AAL Group have a large catalogue of patient shower chairs to meet the needs of its customers.  Whether your needing a patient shower chair for an elderly person or highly dependent service user, we are here to help.  The following is a brief explanation of our range of patient shower chairs:  T..
27 Aug Gravesend Saliablitiy getting disabled people in the water, using the Oxford Dipper Hoist
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THE OXFORD DIPPER HOIST IS DESIGNED FOR LIFTING PEOPLE WITH DISABITLITES ONLY AND MUST NOT BE USED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE.Do not use it unless you have had training.Before using do the following checks:-Make sure the mast is fully located in the floor socket and is free to rotate Check the spreader bar is firmly attached to the boom and the..
23 Jan When to replace hoist actuators
AALSWP943 0 9223
Joerns Healthcare has used Linak actuators on their Oxford range of electric mobile hoists for over 12 years. Linak, as an actuator supplier, have supplied in excess of 100,000 actuators across the UK since 1990. During this time, Linak UK have experienced only one failure (on an actuator that was 11 years old) that resulted in a collapsed hoist in..
02 Sep Bath hoist for the disabled
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Needing a Bath Hoists for the disabled Bath hoist for the disabled and elderly are a safe, easy to install product which gives our customers peace of mind when being lifted into a bath.The Oxford Mermaid Bath hoist comes in a number of formats to meet the needs of the customer and the configuration of the bathroom.How does the Oxford Mermai..
01 Sep Ceiling Lift Track System
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What is a Ceiling lift track system?  Ceiling lift track systems are the safest and smartest systems to transfer people with disabilities or have become classed as Bariatric. When support staff in NHS Hospitals, Care Homes, Residential Living accommodation or people’s homes need to be lifted, it’s safer, more cost effective and moreover, better f..
20 Jul Hot Tub with disabled access
AALAT2023 0 12435
Hot Tub with disabled access Do we know of a "Hot Tub with disabled access" is a regular question we get asked.  The simple answer is yes. The Oxford Easytrack FS is a portable gantry hoist solution which enables a wheelchair user or someone with limited use of their legs to access a Hot Tub, Jazuzzi or similar type of recreational water feat..
19 Jul Portable Hoist
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What is a Portable Hoist? Portable hoists are an extremely important accessory for someone who has a disability and desires to travel away from home.  What a portable hoist like the Oxford Advance Portable Hoist  does is lift a person from one position to another, safely and furthermore, ensuring the person lifting that person does not in turn hu..
14 Mar Pool hoist for Sailing Clubs
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The Oxford Dipper Pool hoist is a perfect solution for sailing clubs it gives people with a disability the opportunity to go sailing and broadens a sailing clubs market.In the UK, we have worked with many sailing clubs such as Frensham Pond Sailing Club and Littleton Phabsail.AAL LTD are a UK Dealer and able to supply and fit the Oxford Dippe..
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