Travel Hoists

Travel Hoists

Oxford Travel Hoists are designed to be portable. Travel Hoists can be packed up or folded making travelling with the equipment easier. Travel Hoists include the Oxford Advance folding hoist, Oxford Voyager Portable Track Hoist and Easy Track FS Gantry system.

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Oxford Easytrack FS Gantry and Voyager Portable Hoist Package

Oxford Easytrack Fs Gantry and Voyager Portable PackageThe Oxford Easytrack FS Free Standing portabl..

RRP £3,058.00 excl. VAT

£2,446.40 excl. VAT

£2,935.68 (inc vat)

Oxford Advance Folding Hoist

Oxford Advance Folding HoistThe Oxford Advance is compact and easy to manoeuvre. The exceptional fo..

RRP £1,689.00 excl. VAT

£1,060.00 excl. VAT

£1,272.00 (inc vat)

Molift Smart 150

Molift Smart 150 Folding hoist is the easiest, lightest, usable hoist on the market.  Lifts a m..

RRP £2,385.00 excl. VAT

£2,010.00 excl. VAT

£2,412.00 (inc vat)

Oxford Voyager Portable Hoist

Oxford Voyager Portable HoistThe Oxford Voyager Portable Hoist is light, portable and compact. Fully..

RRP £1,430.00 excl. VAT

£1,287.00 excl. VAT

£1,544.40 (inc vat)