Needing a Bath Hoists for the disabled


Bath hoist for the disabled and elderly are a safe, easy to install product which gives our customers peace of mind when being lifted into a bath.

The Oxford Mermaid Bath hoist comes in a number of formats to meet the needs of the customer and the configuration of the bathroom.

How does the Oxford Mermaid Bath hoist work?

There are two positions for the lifting column: End Fit or Side Fit

The Oxford Mermaid is Electrically or Manually powered

Seating comes in three formats: Standard, Commode or Ranger Seat


How do I know which position to choose?

The column needs to be fitted with a minimum clearance of 1000mm (100cm, 40 inch) for the seat to be swung out and a wheelchair to be able to pull up alongside, now this can be different if the person can walk to the bath seat.


If there is more room to the side of the bath, you’ll use the side fit, otherwise you will need the end fit (depending on space).


Electric or Manual?

The Electric Column is NOT hardwired in the bathroom.  There is a removable battery box that sits on the column and simply clips on.  The bath hoist comes with a charger which chargers the battery away from the water for added safety.


NB: Don’t charge the battery with Emergency Button pressed in, as it won’t charge the battery as the connection is disabled due to button being pressed in


The electrical column lifts and descends vertically via the hand control, it does NOT automatically swing the service user into the bath, this is a manual operation.  Once the service user is over the bath, they can be lowered into the bath using the hand control.


The Manual column is very popular in remote locations or countries with low power supplies.


The manual lifting method is very simple done by winding a handle which operates the worm screw.  It’s a very efficient system.  As per the electric column, the hoist goes vertically up and down.  The service will need to be swung round into the bath and the handle is wound the opposite way to lower them into the bath.

What seating configurations are available?

There are three types, Standard, Commode and Ranger Seat.


Side fitStandard Seat

This is our most popular version which is similar to a patio seat with drain holes for when being lifted out of bath, the water falls away.



Commode Seat

This seat has an aperture similar to a toilet seat which enables the service user to be cleaned easier by care staff.





Ranger seat

Ranger Seat

The Ranger is our best seller for those users needing more support accessing the bath.  The Ranger is like a transit wheelchair.  Service users can be hoisted or transferred into the Ranger seat from their bed and wheeled into the bathroom.


Once connected to the Ranger column (electric or manual) the support worker begins lifting the service user and the wheelchair base disconnects from the seat and the service user is then lowered into the bath with just the seat.


How do I get it fitted?

AAL LTD have accredited engineers which will fit the bath hoist to your concrete or wood flooring.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our work.  You won’t be disappointed.


How often does it need servicing?

The bath hoist in a domestic house is generally serviced annually.  When they are being used daily in hospitals, care homes and residential centres then they need LOLER testing and 6 monthly inspections.


If you need advice, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01772 814 555.