Hospital Bed for Home

If a friend or family member us due to be discharged from hospital, you may be instructed by the care team to have a hospital bed in place before they can be discharged. Moreover the ideal hospital bed will facilitate single handed care to reduce over heads such as carers. 

Not only is this a stressful time it can become very difficult for you to find the right hospital bed for your home. We have a wide range of affordable hospital beds perfect for home use.

The main reason hospitals use specialised beds for their patients, is that they will always require help moving themselves in bed; this vastly reduces the risk of pressure sores. It is also important when entering and leaving the bed.

There are many certain aspects of a hospital bed you must consider before purchasing:

  • Handset Functions – When using an electrical hospital bed it is important that all electrical aspects can be controlled by the handset. The reason for this is usability. To make it easier for yourself and the carer, the handset should be able to raise and lower both the head end and feet end as well as the whole of the bed. This will make your hospital bed easier to use.
  • Height Adjustment – We provide hospital beds for homes with a various of lifting and lowering heights. The Hi-Lo hospital bed can be lowered the most, 21 cm from the floor. This will make it easier when transferring in and out of the bed. The Community Accent Hospital Bed lifts the highest in our range, 80 cm from the floor. This helps the carer reduce strain when assisting the service user.
  • Profiling Functions – We believe this is the most important aspect of the hospital bed. Your hospital bed should be able to raise the back, legs and knees to properly position the service user. Four section-profiling beds are the most common and they are vital for sitting up in bed, reducing pressure sores and other medical procedures.
  • Side Rails – Your care team may instruct you to either have side rails or not. We have beds available with and without side rails. You may be asked not to have side rails if they believe the user has a tendency to trap their hands. Side rails are there for safety, to stop the service user from falling out of bed. If you would like side rails but are worried the user may trap their hands, we do offer the MRSA Resistant rail protectors which go over the side rails to prevent this from happening.
  • Safe Working Load – You will need to make sure the bed you are looking at purchasing will have a safe working load capable of the service users weight.


The next thing you will need to think about is pressure relief mattresses. We have a wide range available at an affordable price. Mobility Hoists and Parts are currently offering a FREE Essential Care Pressure Mattress with every single bed order! 

If you are unsure of which bed to choose please call our fantastic team on 01772 814555 and we can talk you through the many aspects of our profiling beds.